What is UIAW?

2020 certainly brought with it unprecedented challenges that continue to have significant impacts on all of our lives. It has also provided an opportunity for reflection into ourselves and what we as individuals, communities and societies deem as important.

In many instances, the world has witnessed the true underlying nature of our societies come to surface. This has prompted many to search elsewhere for answers and guiding principles. Muslims worldwide have also turned to their faith as a guiding compass. We are offering the greater community the opportunity to discover meaning in these times.

Mark down March 8-12th 2021 in your calendars as Muslims across Canada come together to share Islam and its teachings! United Islam Awareness Week is a week-long campaign representing the true message of Islam to humanity and its relevance in today’s evolving landscape. United Islam Awareness Week invites thousands of students, faculty, staff and the public at large to people from all walks to learn about a universal and timeless message each year.

Join Muslims from universities across Canada as they discuss Islam online through virtual booths throughout the day. Each evening, we invite you to tune in to a dynamic panel of Muslim intellectuals for keynote lectures delivered by Muslim intellectuals. This year’s theme is Radical Islamic Honesty: Speaking Truth to Everyone.

Due to Canada-wide Covid-19 measures, all keynote lectures will take place virtually, creating the perfect opportunity to join from wherever you are. Only an internet connection is needed.

United Islam Awareness Week is a leading Muslim organization that is working in conjunction with Muslim Students Associations from Simon Fraser University, University of Saskatchewan, University of British Columbia and Memorial University of Newfoundland.