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What is UIAW?


United Islam Awareness Week (“United IAW” or “UIAW”) is an annual event established in 2013 that unites, trains, and develops Muslim Student leaders from across Canadian University campuses. United IAW is a week-long campaign to represent the true message of Islam and its relevance to humanity, in today’s contemporary context. United Islam Awareness Week invites thousands of students, faculty, staff and people from all walks of life to learn about the universal and timeless message of Islam through the use of cutting-edge technology, marketing, and professionally planned da’wah (outreach/informational) booths, keynote lectures, and interactive live sessions.


As part of the effort, the United IAW team engages Muslim intellectuals and professionals in the field of Islamic outreach from across the globe to deliver keynote lectures with a common, contemporary theme. Every year, a theme is chosen that focuses on delivering the true, unaltered message of Islam with the current context and climate in mind.

United IAW 2022 will be live on different locations across Canada from February 26th to March 4th. Read on to find out more!