What is UIAW?

United Islam Awareness Week (“United IAW” or “UIAW”) is an annual event established in 2013 that unites, trains, and develops Muslim Student leaders from across Canadian University campuses. United IAW is a week-long campaign to represent the true message of Islam and its relevance to humanity, in today’s contemporary context. United Islam Awareness Week invites thousands of students, faculty, staff and people from all walks of life to learn about the universal and timeless message of Islam through the use of cutting-edge technology, marketing, and professionally planned da’wah (outreach/informational) booths, keynote lectures, and interactive live sessions.


As part of the effort, the United IAW team engages Muslim intellectuals and professionals in the field of Islamic outreach from across the globe to deliver keynote lectures with a common, contemporary theme. Every year, a theme is chosen that focuses on delivering the true, unaltered message of Islam with the current context and climate in mind.


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Campuses @UIAW2021

Campuses @UIAW2021

United Islam Awareness Week is joined by the great volunteers at these Canadian university campuses:

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland MSA

    St. John's, NL
  • Simon Fraser University MSA

    Burnaby, BC
  • University of British Columbia MSA

    Vancouver, BC
  • University of Saskatchewan MSA

    Saskatoon, SK

Memorial University of Newfoundland MSA

St. John's, NL

The Memorial University Muslim Students Association (MUN MSA) strives to:

● provide Muslim students with a comfortable and welcoming campus environment for fulfilling their religious duties and services

● help build bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims to reach mutual respect and understanding;

● dispel misconceptions about Islam and Muslims;

The MUN MSA hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Some of these events that take place yearly include Islam Awareness Week (IAW), Ramadan Iftars, Islamic lectures, Eid event, and brothers’ and sisters’ halaqa. We also host other social and religious events for men and women.

Simon Fraser University MSA

Burnaby, BC

The Muslim Student Association of Simon Fraser University has been active for many years, and continues to be involved in providing a space for Muslims to pray, learn, meet others and get involved in the community.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is a volunteer organization run by Muslim students on campus. The MSA is one of the oldest clubs at SFU, founded during the early 70’s. The main purpose of the MSA is to raise awareness of Islam on campus and to provide related services and activities for both Muslim and non-Muslim students.
Services that the SFU MSA provides include:

● Daily Prayer Room (Musalla)
● Wudhu facilities
● Friday Prayers (Jumu’ah)
● Lectures/Halaqas
● Sisters’ Speak
● Quran Classes
● Socials & Potlucks
● Humanitarian Fundraisers
● Ramadan Iftaars
● Themed Workshops
● Guest Lectures
● Muslim Advocacy & Dawah Work

… and much more!

University of British Columbia MSA

Vancouver, BC

As the University of British Columbia Muslim Students Association, we strive to serve Allah (SWT) through serving all Muslim students on campus, connecting with Muslims in the greater community, and promoting a better understanding of Islam for people of all backgrounds. By using the Qur’an and Sunnah as a guide, we strive to earn His pleasure and reward, and actualize the ultimate purpose of our lives, which is to worship Him (SWT).

Our mission is to support Muslim students on campus to be the best versions of themselves, while fulfilling their spiritual, academic, and social needs. We achieve this by providing resources to address contemporary challenges through the duration of their time on campus. We are committed to fostering an empowering environment, as Allah (SWT) has given us a responsibility to be stewards of the UBC Muslim community.

University of Saskatchewan MSA

Saskatoon, SK

The Muslim Students Association at the University of Saskatchewan strives to provide support and services for the Muslim population on campus.

Our activities include arranging for prayer spaces, holding Friday congressional prayers, and maintaining a newly furnished club room and Islamic library. The MSA also serves in an advocacy role, providing information on Islam to the general student body, as well as serving as the representative voice of Muslims on Campus.

Guest Speakers @ UIAW2021

Guest Speakers @ UIAW2021

Every year, the campuses taking part in United Islam Awareness Week invite guest speakers to discuss relevant and topical social issues on Islam. Each speaker brings with them a unique perspective on Islamic thought and Muslim societies.

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