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Al Rashid Mosque



The Al Rashid Mosque is a mosaic of determination, resilience, cooperation, and collaboration of Muslims and non-Muslims in Edmonton. The original Al Rashid Mosque (the land had been sold to the City) remained empty for ten years until the expansion of the Royal Alexandra Hospital jeopardized the future of this historical landmark. The Canadian Council of Muslim Women lobbied to have the building saved from the wrecking ball and in 1992 the former Al Rashid Mosque was preserved as a historical building. It was moved to Fort Edmonton Park to be visited by all faiths and cultures. It opened doors at its new home to the public on May 28, 1992. 

Today the Edmonton Muslim community numbers over 90,000 and comprises of 62 cultures. Its members have contributed to shaping Edmonton’s dynamic character for over a century and are poised to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada in the future as proud Muslim Canadians and in good faith with all other Canadians.