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Simon Fraser University – Muslim Students’ Association



The Muslim Student Association of Simon Fraser University has been active for many years, and continues to be involved in providing a space for Muslims to pray, learn, meet others and get involved in the community.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is a volunteer organization run by Muslim students on campus. The MSA is one of the oldest clubs at SFU, founded during the early 70’s. The main purpose of the MSA is to raise awareness of Islam on campus and to provide related services and activities for both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

Services that the SFU MSA provides include:

  • Daily Prayer Room (Musalla)
    ● Wudhu facilities
    ● Friday Prayers (Jumu’ah)
    ● Lectures/Halaqas
    ● Sisters’ Speak
    ● Quran Classes
    ● Socials & Potlucks
    ● Humanitarian Fundraisers
    ● Ramadan Iftaars
    ● Themed Workshops
    ● Guest Lectures
    ● Muslim Advocacy & Dawah Work

… and much more!